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Devoted Disciples School

Teaching You Everything You Need To Flourish In Your Walk With Christ

Shenelle Darko is the President and founder of Shenelle Darko International Ministries and Reviving Hearts For Christ Fellowship. 

She is a spiritual warfare expert, prophetic deliverance minister, end time revivalist and conference speaker. She travels internationally teaching people how to walk in their prophetic destiny, release the ministry of healing and deliverance and disciples strong prayer warriors to demonstrate the power of God. She has a passion to experience the presence of God and help others do the same. She desires to set the captives free and help them establish the ministry God has called for them.


Winning Weapons In Warfare - Seminar

From: 2nd - 23rd December

Time: 8pm up time

Every Thursday 

(4 sessions)

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Prevailing Prayers - Seminar 

Every Monday 

From: 6th - 27th December

(4 sessions) 

Time: 8pm UK time 

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Kingdom Discipleship -
Teachers Training

Kingdom Discipleship - Teacher’s Training

 Every Tuesday From: 7th - 21st December

(3 sessions) 

Time: 9pm UK time

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How To Walk In Your Prophetic Destiny
(7 lessons) 


Have you been given a prophetic word that you're waiting on to come to pass?

Do you know that you can help manifest your words?

God needs you to impact His kingdom, this can be done when your prophetic words are spoken here On earth and you establish that which has already been ordained in the kingdom of Heaven. 
Don't lose hope or give up. In the last four years I’ve witnessed most of my prophetic words come to pass. In fact, I had to ask the Lord for more prophetic words. In this course, I'll teach you the same principles that the Holy Spirit revealed to me that manifested my prophecies. I’ll lead you through video, notes, and session assignments. You are going to manifest your words and walk in your destiny! 


How To Navigate The Secret Place

(5 lessons) 



Enter Into Eden (The secret place)

Identity and destiny are calling, will you answer?


There are so many treasures waiting to be found by you in the secret place. Throughout scripture we are inspired by the devoted disciples who yielded great blessings as of a result of understanding how to “touch God” in the place of prayer. It’s the place of intimacy, anointing, blessings and a safe space to commune with him in fellowship … and it’s waiting for you today! Are you hungry for more of God’s presence, power and glory in your life? 
If the answer is a resounding “YES!” then you will want to go through this course! This course will allow you to access the mysteries of God like never before, gain confidence in who you are in God’s sight, and stand steadfast knowing that God has reserved a secret place for you!

How To Forgive Yourself And Others

(5 lessons) 


Uprooting: Unforgiveness

Learn: How To  Obtain Freedom Through the lenses of Forgiveness. 

It is the will of God for you to be free indeed! 

Freedom is your portion in every aspect of your life.
The idea of totally forgiving yourself sounds awesome! However, why is it so challenging to actually live the reality? 

You hold your hands up. You admit fault. You humble yourself. You cry out to God in prayer asking for forgiveness. You don’t challenge the integrity of Gods word because you believe God forgives you, yet the underlying issue remains … you don't totally forgive yourself. 
You must not allow Satan's schemes to shrivel you in the hole of condemnation. Jesus forgave all of your sins at the cross including those against yourself. He forgave all. You must also forgive all to gain the freedom you deserve...the freedom Christ paid for. Enrol on this course to learn how to totally forgive yourself and gain the freedom you deserve.



How To Conquer Fear 

(3 lessons)


Why does fear grip you ? 

What loopholes are created in order for it to navigate its way to your mind?

What effects does it stain you with?  How does it hold you in bondage?

It’s time to press through to your breakthrough! Rapture fear and release faith!

I’ll teach you how. By the grace of God, I have been enabled to capture my wondering: unhelpful, uncalled for and unproductive thoughts and now you can too! I’ll give you practical exercises and prayer declarations along with a few assignments to help you go deep and uproot fear. The Bible says anything our Heavenly Father has not planted must be uprooted! I’ll assist you through the deliverance process by giving you word choices, prayers, and declarations to detach, disconnect and deal with fear. I’ll assist you to walk out your deliverance process from fear to faith. 

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